Murrieta Driving School

Cancellation Policy and Fees

Just like all other schools we also have a strict cancellation policy.  To Cancel a lesson, you must call our office and give us a 24 hour notice or there will be $50 cancellation fee charged.  We DO NOT confirm appointments, please write your appointments down.  If we show up and you are not there, we will wait 15 minutes then the instructor will leave.  If we leave you will be charged $50 for a no show fee (if you running late, please call the office to let us know so that we can let the instructor know to wait.)  You must have your permit with you for each lesson (copy is acceptable.)  If we show up and you do not have your permit we cannot legally take you on the lesson and you will be charged $50 for not having your permit.  Please make a few copies of your permit once the instructor has signed it.  No completion certificate will be issued until all fees are paid.  

 Murrieta Driving School Refund Policy 


In the event we do choose to honor a refund there will be an administrative fee assessed of $100 so please be sure you want the service before signing up with our driving school.  

Murrieta Driving School Payment Policy

We accept Cash, Cashiers Check, Money Orders, All Major Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover)

Debit Cards with Visa or Master Card symbol also accepted

We no longer accept checks but in the event we do honor a check there will be a $35 NSF fee assessed if returned by your bank

Replacement Certificates

If a student loses or needs a replacement certificate there will be a $25 administrative fee charged for re-issueing certificate.

Completion of Services for Murrieta Driving School

Once registering with our driving school, student must complete Online Drivers Education or In-Class Drivers Education within 12 months or registration or there may be a $25 re-instatement fee assessed.

All behind the wheel driving lessons must be completed within 12 months of registration or there may be a $60 per lesson re-instatment fee assessed.

Pick Up Policy

Murrieta Driving School offers FREE pick up and drop off at our customers home, work or school.

Murrieta Driving School vehicles are not permitted to drive on any unpaved roads or driveways.  If you live on an unpaved road or driveway please inform someone in our office at the time of scheduling so we may arrange an alternate location for pick up.

Driving School Policies